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Featured Job of the Week – Georgia State Botanical Gardens Part-Time Field Trip Position

The State Botanical Garden of Georgia Education Department is seeking qualified individuals for part-time assistance during field trip season (late March through May).  Our field trips consist of groups ranging in age from pre-K through 5th grade.  We offer a variety of different programs based on the age of the group.  Most of the time […]

Cedar Grove High School Visit

Today I had the wonderful pleasure of visiting with Ms. Smith’s AP Environmental Science class at Cedar Grove High School. These guys were a blast! Such a great group to talk to and so pumped about all things Warnell. They are even planning a class car-pool to come to the TWS Wildlife Supper and are very excited […]

Did You Know…

Did you know that Georgia has 23.8 million acres of commercial forest land, more than any other state? And that the forestry industry is one of the largest contributors to the state’s economy…approximately $28.2 billion. Information retrieved from the Georgia Forestry Association website. 

Upcoming Events

Wednesday, March 7. 2012 Wildlife Society Meeting – 6:30, Warnell Building 1 Room 304 Thursday, March 8, 2012 Warnell Seminar – 4:00 p.m., Warnell Building 1 Room 304 This week’s speaker will be Dr. Tracey Tuberville from Savannah River Ecology Lab.  She will speak on “Population augmentation and reintroduction as species recovery tools: lessons from […]