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Stephens County High Shool Visit

This past December the halls and labs of Warnell were graced by 60+ Biology and Environmental Science students from Stephens County High School.  It’s always exciting to host so many students and share our passions with them.  The students rotated through 6 different stations covering everything from Warnell majors to forestry practices to snake identification.  Students toured Whitehall Forest right outside of campus – they had a chance to touch endangered sturgeon and walk through one of the largest white-tailed deer research facilities.  After talking with some current students about their college experiences so far, Stephens County continued their wild adventure back at Warnell.  Staff, students, and faculty all took part in creating an exceptional experience to show students the value of natural resource management and their available educational opportunities.

We love having the chance to show high school students the diversity of careers they can pursue in natural resource management.  If you want your class to have a similar experience, contact Nicki Pinnell for more information.


Student Ambassadors, Alex Butler and Gordon Grizzle, show students experimental stands highlighting various forest management techniques.


Biology students get an up-close and personal look at an albino sturgeon in the aquatic lab.


Students visit with some of the tame does participating in a study involving the amount of color deer can actually see.


Student Ambassador, Chad Jenkins, outlines the history of the deer barn where he works and studies whit-tailed deer.


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