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A Letter to Prospective Students From a Current One – Daniel Atkins

Speaking about Warnell is something that is very easy for anyone who has been involved.  There is so much to say, that it becomes hard to whittle it down to something of such few words.  In my time at Warnell I have realized my career goals, indulged in my passion for the outdoors, found friends and a family within the school, and grown exponentially both in my education and professionally.  To fully experience all the aforementioned, I believe that Warnell is one of few schools (if not the only) on campus that can make that happen.

I began my career at UGA as a pre-med student studying mathematics, but I found myself wanting more.  I truly love spending time outdoors, hunting and fishing every opportunity I get.  With this in mind, I visited Warnell and talked to just one of the many passionate staff members that encouraged me to explore a career in natural resources.  The next semester I found myself a fisheries student, sitting amongst many other students who are once again starting over in a new program.  Little did I know that I would forge friendships and experience things that no other school on campus could offer.  With time I found myself getting more involved in clubs and organizations within Warnell, which was the best decision I have ever made. 

Warnell is comprised of students, staff, faculty, and benefactors that will do almost anything to help you grow as a professional and enhance your career opportunities.  The more involved a student in Warnell becomes, the more opportunities and leadership roles present themselves.  I eventually joined The Fisheries Society, The Wildlife Society, and The Forestry Club; attending the bi-monthly meetings and events that each puts on.  As a fisheries student I assumed that The Fisheries Society would be my favorite, but as time passed I found myself increasingly involved in The Forestry Club.  I went on to participate in the annual forestry conclave, become the conclave team captain, firewood chair, and an officer in the club.  Little did I know that my real passion was forestry.  I am now a graduate student in Warnell, studying forestry and loving every minute of my time here.  Just by being involved and seizing every opportunity put before me I have established my career goals, received scholarships and internships, and have had job offers a full year before graduation. 

If you are truly passionate about the outdoors or natural resources, take the time to look into a future in Warnell.  I would urge you to be involved as much as possible, as exposure in the best way to determine ones passion and career goals. 


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