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Warnell is Family – Rebekah Tuck

Being a student in Warnell is more like being a part of a crazy, loving family. There are always the members of the family that you respect, those that guide you, those that look out at all costs, those you would kill for, and those that you want to kill sometimes but you still love them. I love how I see my friends everyday at school. I have the same classes with them and we are all apart of the same after school activities. Then, we have game cookouts, bonfires, go to the river, and other get-togethers. So basically I spend 24 hours a day with these people, and I never get sick of seeing them.

The professors at Warnell are just as great as the students. They would do anything to help out a student, and unlike a lot of other schools at UGA, they know most of their students on a personal level. I always feel comfortable in class, and I like to go to class. My roommate makes fun of me saying I am the only person she knows that actually loves school. 

In all, Warnell is a great place to go to school because, not only do you get a great education and opportunities to grow in your chosen profession, but you always gain a lot of great friendships and experiences that can last you a life time.


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