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Warnell Artwork #collegelife

The Mysterious Warnellian Exposed – Tyler Lipham

This species of UGA student is not known by many. They are a rare breed. While surveying the premises of south campus, and south campus only (The habitat suitability index of North campus is exponentially low for this species), one may be lucky enough to spot a Warnellian. They are often seen ravaging through The […]

A Brief Look at the SAF Forestry Club – Gordon Grizzle

The SAF Forestry Club is one of many clubs within the Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources but by far has the richest history of involvement within the school and the state. Many people think of foresters as nothing but flannel shirt wearing, axe wielding, lumberjacks. Even though some of this is true, the […]

What does a Wildlife Pre-Vet major love about Warnell? – Joyce Huang

Coming in as an animal health major, I was surprised—and pleased—when I heard about the wildlife pre-Vet path at Warnell. Talking to some Warnell faculty and staff, I tried to gauge whether it would be worth switching majors. It was. My fondest memories were the off-campus field trips, in particular the weekend-long trips. The vertebrate […]