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What does a Wildlife Pre-Vet major love about Warnell? – Joyce Huang

Coming in as an animal health major, I was surprised—and pleased—when I heard about the wildlife pre-Vet path at Warnell. Talking to some Warnell faculty and staff, I tried to gauge whether it would be worth switching majors. It was.

My fondest memories were the off-campus field trips, in particular the weekend-long trips. The vertebrate natural history class trip to Sapelo Island was an amazing experience. Going out into the field to apply our identification skills (from lab) and to set the appropriate traps tested what was learned in class and labs. We looked forward to the long-awaited armadillo chase past cohorts talked about! For my class, we didn’t find a single creature, but it was an unforgettable bonding experience with my classmates. The wildlife habitat overnight trip to South GA and North FL was spent bonding over habitats of quail and Red-cockaded woodpeckers (an endangered species).

Since switching to a wildlife pre-vet major, I’ve gained so much in terms of knowledge and friendships. Warnell feels like home.  


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