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What Makes Warnell Different – Chad Jenkins

Warnell has truly been a blessing in my life. I was given the “It will become your home away from home” speech, and I can honestly say it has proved to be that as well as much more. It’s rather difficult to narrow down a single favorite quality that Warnell offers. I graduated from a small high school in West Georgia, and then continued my education at Piedmont College. I went to Piedmont to play college baseball, and was happy while there. However, I wanted more.


I had promised myself from an early age that I would go to a small college, play baseball for two years at the most, and then transfer to the University of Georgia. When my second semester of my sophomore year rolled around, I applied to UGA. I had developed an interest in biology while at Piedmont, so when I was accepted to UGA that is what I thought I would end up majoring in. When I came to orientation, I heard something about a forestry school that offered a degree in wildlife biology. I honestly had never even heard of the major, but it was love at first sound I guess you could say! I made my mind up right then and there to dedicate the rest of my education to wildlife biology.

To everyone that knew me, this was no surprise. Having grown up spending every moment either on the baseball field or in the woods, Wildlife seemed to be a heaven-sent major. As I entered Warnell and began to get a feel for the program, my passion exploded. I’m an avid hunter and fisherman, with deer being my obsession. I cannot express enough how helpful both my professors and peers have been to me. One of the greatest things about the school is the size. Warnell is a small school within the university which embodies a closeness that is unrivaled. All of your professors know you by name, most know where you’re from, and even have your phone number! Your peers will become your best friends undoubtedly, due to the amount of time you will spend with them both in school as well as outside of school. The transition from a small school, being high school or a small college, can be tough. It was tough for me. It’s a shock to go to school with 35,000 plus students! However, have no fear because Warnell offers the comfort and closeness of the smaller schools and friends you’re accustomed to.


Another thing I’d like to mention in regards to Warnell is the chance I have gotten and taken to get involved and connected. Warnell offers several clubs that anyone can join; I personally choose to join the Wildlife Society, which has been a great way to stay informed on current wildlife topics which are presented by professional guest speakers. I was also selected to be a current Warnell ambassador, which has been a blast. I get to spread my knowledge and experience that Warnell has taught me to a variety of younger kids as well as prospective students. I also got the opportunity to meet my current employer through Warnell, which ultimately led to an internship that I took this past summer. I currently am 1 of 2 student employees at the University of Georgia Deer Research Facility. Through my employment, I have had the opportunity to meet some very influential professionals in the field I plan to enter after graduation. Additionally, my current boss helped me land my summer internship in which I darted white-tailed deer and place radio collars on them for a study related to deer-vehicle collisions. Again, Warnell has truly been a blessing and magnified my passion.

Lastly I’d like to reiterate how much Warnell , the staff, and the students mean to me. It really can only be defined as a love for a school. I cannot express the joy that I am filled with day in and day out just by entering the building. I am excited to wake up and sit in class for the day, something which I would have never found anywhere else. I encourage you to visit Warnell and simply take a tour. I would be more than honored to personally talk to you in regards to any of the things mentioned above. That being said, feel free to contact any of us and ask anything you would like additional information on.


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