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Involvement at Warnell – Courtenay Conring

This may sound a bit extreme, but I absolutely hated my first semester at UGA. I come from a small town where things happen at a slower pace and on a much smaller scale. To put it in perspective, there are more people at UGA than live in my entire county. I was miserable here and did not feel at home until my second semester when my friend, Annie Davis, took me to a Wildlife Society meeting at Warnell. After that I was hooked. As I got more involved with the Wildlife Society, I started attending and helping with club events like the Wildlife Supper and the Chili Cook-Off. By my sophomore year, I was very active in the Wildlife Society and had started attended Forestry Club meetings as well. When the chance to become a Warnell student ambassador came my way I jumped at the opportunity because I wanted to tell other students about how great Warnell was and what a difference it made in my college experience. During my second semester in Warnell I joined Xi Sigma Pi (Forestry Honors Society) and am currently president of The Wildlife Society and editor of Warnell’s yearbook, The Cypress Knee. My plate may seem full sometimes, but I truly love every club, project, and event I take part in. Being able to spend extra time with the faculty and students I loved helped me get over my home sick feelings and embrace college like I should have from the get go. Plus, the fact that Warnell only has about 400 students in the whole school makes the transition from a small town to a big university much easier. The bottom line is… Warnell is awesome for many reasons, but because there are so many ways to get involved a new students would really have to try to keep themselves from fitting in somewhere.


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