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Summer, Sun, and Forestry

Classes are over, graduation is happening in just an hour, and next week is the beginning of Warnell’s Forestry Field Camp! Field Camp is a vital part of our curriculum where students are immersed into the forestry industry. The intensive three-week class is designed to provide students with hands-on learning experiences while demonstrating the real-world applications of forestry practices.  

Duncan Wilder, a Warnell Alum, shares his thoughts on Forestry Field Camp:

“As a forestry major, last Maymester I had the opportunity to take the required Forestry Field Camp.  It is an off-campus field practicum for forestry students where we had the opportunity to experience real-world applications of silviculture, harvesting, and forest inventory.  We also were able to visit multiple forest product manufacturing facilities. 

The course was an excellent experience.  I had the chance to explore different sectors in the field of forestry.  We were able to view forests in the Carolina’s managed by the U.S. Forest Service and also view a plywood manufacturing plant.  The course allowed me the opportunity to narrow in on which division in the field of forestry I may one day want to work in.  However, the course also allowed me to form tight bonds with many of my classmates.  We spent three weeks together, often times overnight.  It gave me the opportunity to form new friendships and bond with my peers that I will be working with in future years.  Overall it was a great experience, and future forestry students have a lot to look forward too.”


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