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Forestry Field Camp: Part 2

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After visiting Kronospan and Westervelt.  Warnell’s Forestry Field Camp crew headed into the woods with Mr. Joseph Parnell.  Mr. Parnell introduced the class to 3 different logging operations, both hardwood and pine, along with the wide variety of equipment and machinery used in the field.  Students gained an appreciation for the business side of forestry and the importance of communication coupled with professional integrity – the forestry field is close-knit and your reputation can make or break you!  Mr. Parnell also treated the class to some local cuisine that was talked about for the rest of the week; doesn’t get any better than good southern cookin’!

The last day of Forestry Field Camp was spent with RockTenn a major producer of paperboard, packaging, and displays.  They produce the paper packaging material for Chic-Fil-A, Cheerios, and even Jim Beam.  First, we drove through their wood yard to watch how round wood was unloaded off of the incoming trucks, and we had an up-close tour of the debarking drum and the operators cabin where wood was moved to the chipper.  Students were then walked through the pulp mill where the chips made from the round wood were liquidized and turned into the desired paper-like product.

All in all, the first week in Forestry Field Camp 2013 was a success and everyone came back with all their fingers and toes!


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