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I thought I Knew What I Wanted to Be: Then I Found Warnell – Erin Daughtrey

As a freshman entering college, I thought I had my whole life mapped out. I also thought I knew exactly who I was, and what I expected out of life. If someone showed me my future then, I would have laughed. I was going to be a CPA and run my own business. However, after only one class on UGA’s North Campus, I quickly realized the eight-to-five cubicle lifestyle was not compatible with my outdoorsy, animal-loving, adventurous personality. Who would have thought, right?

I was so scared to relay this new life-changing discovery to my parents and admit to being the typical college student that changes majors. I was the kid that was supposed to have it all together! As I nervously tried to convince my parents that I really did know what I was doing and I wasn’t just chasing some dream, I was shocked that their only response was, “Well, it’s about time you figured that out. We knew accounting was all wrong for you from the start, but it’s our job to support you no matter what.” Whew!

As I walked up the steps of Warnell for the first time, I had no idea this place would quickly consume my life and become my home for the next three years. I entered the building and was right away greeted with the recognition of my name. That’s when it hit me that this isn’t just another place where I’ll suffer through classes I don’t want to be in. This place is different. You’re not just some number like I was in my business classes. I relate to my peers, and we share the same passion for our natural resources.

Warnell opened up the door for my future. I differ from most Warnellians in that I did not grow up being exposed to this lifestyle. I never learned the different kinds of trees or ducks because I never imagined such an amazing career was even possible. Even though I am learning most of these techniques for the first time, I will carry this knowledge with me for the rest of my life and practice many of my skills daily in my future career.Image

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