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Warnell: It’s More Than a Place, It’s a Way of Life – Chandler Wood


Botswana, Africa Study Abroad Group Picture, 2012

The knowledge we acquire during our semesters here is indispensable. Never would I have thought I would identify trees while driving to Atlanta or walking to class identifying bird calls as spring begins. And that knowledge is only from two Warnell classes. Warnell has taught me how to dedicate myself to my studies, manage my time efficiently, and to actually enjoy what I’m learning. I have truly learned so much. This gift of education is one that we receive every morning when we walk up the Building 1 stairs. Blessed with unbelievable professors and resources, this is truly the best Natural Resources school one could ask for.

By being Warnell students, we all have dreams to have careers we enjoy. These dreams will scatter us around the world. After graduation many of us will leave Georgia and head out west or across the oceans for jobs, some will continue on to graduate school here or other schools (one of us will even become a gator…), and some may still not have a clue. But the future is bright for all of us and Warnell has given us the foundation and drive to get wherever we’re going.


What do all Warnellians have in common? Duh. the outdoors. We all love to be outside. When we aren’t studying nature, we’re spending our free time immersing ourselves in it: riding horses, hunting, relaxing in a hammock, around a fire, or building a porch. The idea that we can major in what we love so much is what draws people to this school. North Campus wakes up every day jealous of us.

No two students are the same in Warnell. From the hippies to the hunters, this school has more diversity than any on campus. Still, we are also one of the most tight-knit. Warnell embraces each individual for who they are and everyone fits in. No matter if you stroll through the halls barefoot or in boots, dreadlocks or camo hats, we all can call Warnell’s computer labs and lounges home.

Believe me – we study hard but we play harder. I have laughed until my ribs hurt in these four buildings. The joy of spending time with your friends throughout the day makes long school days more than worth it. As I write this, I look around the computer lab and see so many faces I adore. Our study breaks consist of the country station on Pandora, countless YouTube videos, and hilarious eCards from Pinterest.

I had no idea that when I walked into Room 304 for the first time and picked a seat, I would be choosing my family for the next two years and maybe even beyond that. Most of us can agree that without each other, we would have never made it to March of our senior year. The late nights spent downtown or in Warnell studying have accumulated into what seems like a lifetime with these people but yet a lifetime that has gone by way too fast.


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