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Flopping like a Fish to Find Your Major? Turn to Fisheries – Garon Brandon

Many college students switch majors about five times, especially at UGA, before they finally decide on one.  Most students don’t stay with their final decision on a major because they love the classes or are happy with their career goals; they stop changing because their college time is running out.  I mean, our time at UGA is amazing and incredible and some of the best years of our lives, but nobody wants to stay here for 8 years. Underclassmen, this blog post is for you and there is still some hope for you in choosing the RIGHT major. Stop flopping around like a fish out of water trying to decide on a major.  You need to go to your advisor or one of the lovely ladies (Ami Flowers or Nicki Pinnell) in Warnell and change your major to Fisheries.

You might ask “why I should choose Fisheries instead of Political Science, Pre-Med, Business, History, or even Underwater Basket Weaving?”  Well first of all, if you choose one of those other majors, your classes aren’t going to be as outstanding because you wouldn’t be in the Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources.  The classes inside Warnell are amazing; you know the professors and everyone in your classes, you are outside for almost all of your labs, and Warnell helps prepare you for your future. Warnell is one of the best forestry schools in the Southeast, if not the best.  Warnell offers a variety of majors in the natural resource field and has a wonderful staff.  Warnell is a family and no other school can compare to the relationships and camaraderie that it offers.

Now that I have you wanting to come to Warnell, it’s time for me to convince you to become a Fisheries major.  I am not trying to say the other majors (Forestry, Natural Resources Recreation & Tourism, and Water & Soil Resources) are bad; it’s just that Fisheries has so much to offer.  With that being said, let me tell you why I think Fisheries is the best.  Fisheries majors have more hands on labs; we get to travel to Georgia rivers, reservoirs, mountain streams, and even the coast. Georgia has some of the most diverse waters and aquatic species – as Fisheries students we get to experience all that Georgia has to offer. We also get to handle live fish in our labs. In other majors, the labs consist of mostly dead specimens that have been preserved or mounted.  Fish, being easily accessible, allow us to get hands-on and interactive learning experiences.  We are able to fish constantly whether that’s with hook and line, gill nets, trawls or electroshocking (running a current through the water that temporarily stuns fish for easy and safe capture).  I believe by being hands on and utilizing live species, we are able to learn faster and obtain more information.  As Fisheries students we get to spend our time outdoors and near the water – there is no better classroom than the great outdoors.  We get to go and see places that we never knew existed.  It is incredible what we see out in the field; from the different habitats and locations to the different fish species that we never knew lived in our waters.  I believe a Fisheries major is truly the best major, and I wouldn’t want to do anything else.


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