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Warnell in 2 Words – Mary Gillis

Mary and Scott helping out at the Warnell Camp Out for New Students.

Mary and Scott helping out at the Warnell Camp Out for New Students.

As a Warnell Ambassador, we do a LOT and I mean, A TON, of advertising and gushing about how great of a place the Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources is, always with great conviction and sincerity. However, it is very rare that a student can have the opportunity to address, not only the types of careers available through a major or the number of graduate students within the college, but actually explain with real life examples the types of interactions and day-to-day happenings that make a place like Warnell so special.

I have two words for you: Spatial Analysis. For those of you unaware of the courses required for a Warnell student, Spatial is one of those classes upperclassmen warn you about and students tend to put off. (Sidenote, it is one of the most IMPORTANT, informational and useful classes we take – you should look it up). So there I was, about to put my left foot through the computer screen, working on my lab due that day, when I decided to email my professor for help. He responded, practically immediately, AND he came to the computer lab I was in (a building away) and walked me through the steps I was having trouble with. That in a nutshell is Warnell. That is why I can get through classes like Spatial, Soils and Hydrology, and Dendrology. In each of those classes I have faced a challenge- from computer systems to chemistry- and every step of the way, I’ve had a professor or Teaching Assistant (TA) cheering me on, supporting me to do my best.

So when it comes down to it, my semester so far has been educational. Of course I’m speaking scholastically, but even further than that, I have learned to appreciate my professors, TAs, administrators, and all the people involved in making Warnell what it is more and more. I have learned that not all colleges are as “student friendly” when it comes to our needs as students. And I have learned that even though we’re small, our school produces educated professionals that make a difference.

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