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Summer Job Breakdown – Price Barnett

I completed my first internship (a method of on-the-job training for future professionals) in the summer of 2012 and my second last summer.   Take a peek into the details of each!  Summer 2012 Internship Company: Sierra Pacific Industries (SPI) About the Company: Based in Anderson, California, SPI is the nations third largest private landowner with […]

April 4th-5th: Warnell Open House!

Ever wondered what a Warnellian does during the day? Come find out! We have classes, tours, games, and celebrations for all to enjoy. Warnell weekend is just 3 weeks away! RSVP > HERE!

My Home – Angie Losinger

I’m not quite sure when Warnell first started feeling like a home and family to me. There are many instances where this could have occurred. It could have been when I spent the weekend bonding and white water rafting with my fellow ambassadors. It could have been when my lab partner in Soils and Hydrology […]