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Warnell Spelled Out – Mary Gillis

My name is Mary. I’m a Natural Resource Recreation and Tourism major and I graduate this December. I am dealing with the trials and tribulations of Senior Project, senioritis and my tendency for senior-like day-time naps. That being said, my creativity levels are at an all time low and my brain power is dwindling, so […]

The Journey to Where My Heart Has Been All Along – Kathryn Lynn Buffington

Growing up, Zebulon, Georgia was the place I called home. Zebulon is a small town with one red light, one school system, and one grocery store. This is where I was born, where I was raised, and where I lived, but this is not where I grew up. I grew up traveling the U.S., backpacking […]

Crossroads in Conservation – Kristen Black

It’s a hazy morning, fog settled over the expanse of land in front of you. The sunrise provides the first sign of life as it breaks over the tall grass and lights the fertile land. You’re 2 hours and 10 feet up in a tree stand at the edge of the woods, anticipation growing deep […]