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Warnell Spelled Out – Mary Gillis

My name is Mary. I’m a Natural Resource Recreation and Tourism major and I graduate this December. I am dealing with the trials and tribulations of Senior Project, senioritis and my tendency for senior-like day-time naps. That being said, my creativity levels are at an all time low and my brain power is dwindling, so as I submit my final contribution to the Warnell Ambassador Blog, try not to judge. Let’s bring it back to middle school when spelling was fun and any word could be transformed into an acronym.

W: Whimsical. Warnell is often mistaken for a realistic Hogwarts- the UGA edition. Often opening its doors to students carrying strange materials like fishing nets, axes, compasses, clinometers, and extra pairs of socks.

A: Accepting. You like to catch snakes or salamanders in your free time? Here, have a headlamp and a net. You’re into tramping through the woods, measuring trees as you go? Hold onto your Wranglers and grab this DBH tape, we’ve got your back. You like asking strangers random questions while waiting at trail intersections? You’ve come to the right place, slap on that friendly smile and get ready to survey till your legs want to fall off.

R: Real. Warnell doesn’t teach you just about basic scientific knowledge, they teach you real, hands-on, practical skills. From writing a grammatically correct scientific paper (Thanks Mr. Fosgate), to becoming an actual professional at public speaking (by the time your last semester hits, you won’t even bat an eye), to learning relevant and present day natural resource issues, Warnell does it all.

N: Nurturing. At Warnell you’re not an 810 number, you’re not David B. who sits in an assigned seat; you’re David Blankienshmire who is a fisheries major, interned in Florida this summer, has a brother who attended UGA four years ago, and enjoys playing guitar over a cold one on the weekends. Faculty and staff care about your success, your well-being, your life outside the classroom.

E: Entertaining. While peers outside of Warnell come home and complain about 8a.m.’s, boring powerpoints, and lack of coffee and sleep; I wake up early to ensure I get to room 304 before Dr. Shelton tells one of his hilarious stories; I look forward to listening to Dr. Boley’s endless supply of NPR clips; I replenish my sleep in our student lounge between classes; and I never fear because coffee is just a hop, skip, jump away at the Creamery.

L: Lucrative. At Warnell you’re rich and in college that’s a rarity. You’re rich in community; with a club meeting three out of the five nights a week, you’ve always got plans. You’re rich in support; with advisors available at most times of day. You’re rich in knowledge; try spending a day- better yet, an hour, in Warnell and try to NOT learn something. Impossible. You’re rich in opportunity; we take the phrase “ask and you shall receive,” pretty seriously.

L: Legendary. The history alone, of Warnell gives me chills. A walk through the Forester’s Hall of Fame would astound anyone, but to a Warnellian, we see the founding fathers of natural resource movements mentioned in our textbooks, we see our natural resource policy professor.

If you’re an alumni, I hope this brought you a smile or two. I hope you looked back on your final semester and empathized with my reluctance to leave and my unmistakable pride and gratitude to our worthy education. If you’re a prospective student, ignore all other letters accept the last ‘L,’ reread the explanation and then change your major. The biggest regret I have about college is not knowing about Warnell sooner. If you want to make a difference, be heard and be apart of something, Warnell is the place for you.

It’s plain and simple, I’ve even spelled it out for you.

Mary G

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