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Business Professionalism – Cheyenne Whitetree

Warnell is like a treasure chest: those lucky enough to find it either want to hide it away from the world or shout about it from the rooftops. Fortunately for non-warnellians, it is usually the latter. This Warnell treasure chest is filled with all kinds of gems like wonderful people, amazing professors, and numerous job opportunities. One gem that I found is FANR 3950, or Business Professionalism. This class covers everything you need to know about going into the business world from resumes to dining etiquette to thank you notes. Speaking of thank you notes, did you know you should write one after an interview? I sure didn’t! For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of taking this class, I will share three little bits of extremely helpful things I learned!

  1. Resume Writing Secrets

As excited as I was about having a resume, I had no idea where to start or what to put on it. I didn’t have any cool study abroad programs or internships, important club positions, or volunteer experiences to fill it with. As a sophomore in college, I felt like a failure and like I would never have a great resume. But never fear! This class taught me how to work with what I did have, and with proper spacing, even I could have a professional resume. Now, it is so easy to pull up my resume and tailor it to whatever job or internship I might be applying to. Two major take aways: If you don’t have anything, go do something about it and NEVER use a premade template.

  1. Interview Tips

I thought that I did pretty well at interviews before this class. That was until I learned all of the things that I could do that would make me 100 times better than I was before. I learned how to expect the inevitably tough questions that arise at every interview, and more importantly how to answer them. I learned that you should take names or business cards and to ALWAYS write a thank you note after the interview. This portion of the class was so valuable to me, I kept every paper we were given. When my older brother landed an interview for a job in the real world, I referred back to those papers and even went through the questions with him. Spoiler Alert: He got the job!

  1. The Career Guide

If you take anything from this blog post, it should be that you need to go get one of these. In it, you will find sample cover letters, information about interviews and appropriate attire, action verbs to help jazz up resumes, and that is only to name a few things. The Career Guide continues to be my life saver. The UGA Career Center is also an incredible resource outside of Warnell. They can help tailor (or write) resumes or cover letters or even go through a mock interview with you!

This class taught me information I will use for the rest of my life. If you are interested in taking FANR 3950 or have any questions, contact Emily Saunders (esaunder@uga.edu). If you don’t have room to take this class but want to know more, definitely check out the Career Center (http://www.career.uga.edu), and best of luck!

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