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Memories in the Making: Loving the Lab – Becky Lynn

“Acer rubrum”… R in rubrum, r in red….Red Maple! “The mouth passes the eye socket… it’s a largemouth bass!” “Canis lupus”… Canine…. Lupus like Professor Lupin in Harry Potter… Gray Wolf! Forestry, wildlife and fisheries, NRRT, or water and soils, it doesn’t matter. All Warnellians have been there. Remembering scientific names for classes such as […]

Choose Wisely – Morgan Strickland

I’m sure you have all heard it a million times but let me tell you just once more. Each choice you make matters. With everything you do, you change your path ever so slightly until sometimes you’re facing the opposite direction. Speaking from experience, I can tell you my path has taken a few turns […]

Perspective in hindsight – David Subers

My time in Warnell has been an extremely enriching experience and has helped me to grow immensely, both personally and professionally. My only problem is that I have not had enough time to soak it all up. Looking back at my entire undergraduate career, there was so much time that I wasted not being a […]

Natural Resource Conferences – Kiara Bailey

Hey guys! My name is Kiara Bailey, and I’m a junior working on getting my bachelors in Wildlife and a minor in Ecology. I don’t know about you guys but to me, college seems to be speeding by, and I only have ideas about what I want to do once I graduate! It’s absolutely terrifying […]