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Many Thanks Warnell – Brittany Nesbitt

Hello fellow Warnellians and curious bloggers! My name is Brittany Nesbitt and I am a senior here at Warnell majoring in Wildlife Science. I made the big decision to transfer into UGA just a little over two and a half years ago. It has been the most amazing life journey and by far the best […]

The REAL School Shopping List – Katherine Brinson

The REAL School Shopping List – Katherine Brinson

As a first year student, you come to UGA with a list of items necessary for decorating your dorm, organizing your schoolwork, and most importantly what to wear to class. Little did I know that in your first semester as a Warnellian, there seems to be a collection of items that older or more experienced […]

Why We Warnell – Kathryn L. Buffington

I didn’t choose this career field to become rich or famous. There, I said it. Parents everywhere are already cringing. Yes, money is important. Trust me, as a student graduating in less than two short months, I understand this. We must make money to live, to support ourselves, and to eventually support our families. But […]