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The REAL School Shopping List – Katherine Brinson

As a first year student, you come to UGA with a list of items necessary for decorating your dorm, organizing your schoolwork, and most importantly what to wear to class. Little did I know that in your first semester as a Warnellian, there seems to be a collection of items that older or more experienced students have. These items help not only in labs but also become an identifying feature to show other students on campus what school they belong to- Warnell. Here is a partial collection of that list.


Quick Dry Pants

            This item seems simple enough, and yet the value is often overlooked. Quick dry pants are very practical for labs where you’ll be outside sweating in the hot sun for hours (which is inevitable) or encountering bodies of water. Some pants even have the additional option of zipping off at the knees for extra ventilation. Few other UGA students possess these pants or wear them on a daily basis, so be sure to check first for other items on this list before assuming they are in Warnell.

Polarized Sunglasses

            These are useful in all outdoor labs, which are the majority of labs in Warnell. Eye protection is important, but there is also the added benefit of being able to look into the sky or water with ease.

Chaco Sandals

            As a Natural Resource student, these seem to be ubiquitous and necessary in everyone’s closet. Chacos are very useful for hiking, walking in water, and for supportive everyday footwear. If you’re lucky enough you’ll have to replace yours from wear and tear within a few years.


            This is the Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources. Enough said.


            Whether it’s trudging around through the rain (for which labs are not cancelled) or just strolling through the woods, these offer protection from the underbrush that Chacos cannot. I recommend both a hiking boot style as well as a waterproof kind, that way you’ll always be protected from any conditions you may encounter in lab.


            Specifically, ones that are camo with the words “Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources” written on them. Lucky for you, we have them for sale if you find yourself in need of this Warnell staple. These beauties will provide protection from several elements that you’ll encounter daily, and help to promote your favorite school outside the classroom setting.

I’ve only been in the program for a few months, but Warnell truly does feel like a family. It might even be the type of family that wears matching t-shirts to a Disney theme park. But the next time you stop and look in your closet, ask yourself, do I have these items? If so, maybe, Warnell could be the place for you too.

Kattherine3 Katherine


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