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Give ‘Em Hell, Warnell! – Dalton Brown

The battle cry of our school. I’ve come to love and learn why we chant this phase either to ourselves when times get tough or at competitions. Warnell is like an addiction; you crave to be here. To be in class learning about some of the most interesting topics, like how bats catch insects flying at 100 mph. To be in lab, where you are graded on how well you can stuff a mouse. To be around your friends and classmates, who have the same passion for the world and its ecosystems as you do. No matter how much you are here, you crave being around our little building within the mass that is the University of Georgia.

Give ‘Em Hell, Warnell. Every year the student chapter of The Wildlife Society participates in a head-on competition, both physical and mental, against the best schools in the Southeast with programs similar to Warnell. It has become a tradition of the chapter to 20150314_090711win for the past 10 years. Other schools plot the demise of Warnell every year, and have been unsuccessful until last year where we placed second overall, by a margin of .03 points. Conclave is not just about winning. It’s about building friendships, comradery among teammates, and using teamwork to accomplish goals. I personally participated in quiz bowl and the obstacle course. I remember running so hard my lungs were about to burst, while at the same time cheering on my fellow teammates to run fasteIMG_0407r as well. Kathryn Buffington was one of my teammates during the event, and she came down with a cramp during the long arduous course. So I hoisted her on my back and carried her a ways until she was able to continue. It made me think of how my fellow Warnellians mean more to me than the winning of some competition.

Give ‘Em Hell, Warnell. Last summer I took an IMG_0167internship with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in Noxubee, Mississippi. I had the opportunity to check nest cavities for the endangered Red Cockaded Woodpecker. My first day out we loaded a buggy full of ladders and other things (that I had no idea how we were to use them) and drove out into the middle of a pine stand. We got out and my coworker says, “Okay, new guy climbs first.” I figured maybe I would get on a small ladder, but no! Twenty minutes later I’m knee-knocking as I cling to a ladder 45 feet up into this pine tree, trying to wrangle out RCW chicks. To say that I was not frightened would be a LIE!!! I hate heights!!

I have kept the Warnell battle cry in me since the day I transferred into Warnell and I have applied it to my studies and work. I know my fellow students do the same. So hopefully I will get to chant along with you sometime this year, GIVE ‘EM HELL, WARNELL!!!



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