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Who’s coming this week? – Joe Vaughn

My name is Joe Vaughn and I’m a forestry student at Warnell. The Forestry Club is one of my favorite student clubs and organizations offered at the University of Georgia and one of my favorite questions to ask our Forestry Club President is, “Who’s coming this week?” At our somewhat weekly meetings we are able to engage with potential employers from the forestry sector. This is a great opportunity to learn more about what company or agency positions can be obtained with our degree and interests. So every Monday you can probably hear me asking Blake Sherry, “Hey, Who’s coming this week for Forestry Club?”

This past week I was surprised by his answer. Forestry Club was invited to visit with Select Trees Inc. I wasn’t very familiar with their operation but had heard of them. I knew at the very least they were involved with nursery management. After the 2-hour tour I gained a better understanding and appreciation of the business that Select Trees conducts. Businesses like Select Trees provide their clients with the most appropriate tree that meets the needs of their project. I could tell their staff was passionate about the work they were doing. It was even better to see a Warnell alumnus working and doing well for himself. It’s a common observation I have made during many of our club meetings. I think it is empowering for us as students to see fellow Warnellians contributing to the workforce. I’m thankful Forestry Club is able to have meetings that introduce us to the many professions that can be obtained with our degree. If I could offer one piece of advice for any incoming or current Warnellian it would be to participate in a club or organization. You won’t be disappointed.



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