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There’s Always Something Going On – Michael Buchanon

My name is Michael Buchanon and I’m a Forestry major at Warnell. What I love about Warnell, is that there’s always something to do outside of classwork. Of the many clubs housed In Warnell, I’m a member and an officer of two of them: The Forestry Club and our National Wild Turkey Federation chapter.

img_2764Forestry Club is something I’d recommend to all forestry majors, and anyone with an interest in the forestry side of things. Almost all of Forestry Club’s meetings consist of meeting together as friends, enjoying a meal, and listening to future employers present to us what their organization is all about. I honestly can’t say I know many majors that regularly have employers come to the students. Forestry Club also attends the Society of American Forester’s conference (SAF), and the regional SAF conference every year. This is a great chance to learn about ongoing research or network with those with more experience than us. The main driving force to how we can afford to do all this, is firewood sales. Whenever possible, we have club members come out to our work area at Whitehall Forest to split and stack wood. While splitting wood is hard work, it’s fun to get outside and work with friends, all sharing the same goal of bettering our club and providing opportunities for students.

The National Wild Turkey Federation is a non-profit organization founded on the goal of increasing wild turkey habitat and getting more people outside to hunt. Our chapter is currently working with the Wildlife Society here at UGA and the Department of Natural Resources, in starting a mentored hunt opportunity for Warnell students that have never img_0015-1hunted, but want to see what it’s like after learning about how important it is to game management. We also have the opportunity to guide youth dove hunts, or assist disabled veterans and others hunters who now need assistance getting outside and hunting. We host a fundraising banquet in the spring semester, with the goal of raising money for the organization as a whole.

These are just the two clubs I’m heavily involved with. There’s something for everyone at Warnell, and each club keeps their members heavily involved with events. Even though we may not all be members of the same club, each club also offers support for one another. Like how I may not be a member of the American Fisheries Society, I certainly can’t wait to attend the catfish fry on October 21st.

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