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89 weeks. 628 days. 15,072 hours-Shelby Telfer

That is how much time I will have spent in Warnell’s professional program. Those 628 days have been busy. 215 days spent in internships. 431 days in class. Countless hours in lab (Google can’t calculate that for me, shame). On May 5th, it will be over. I will cross the figurative finish line. And among all the stress of GREs, exams, job searching, guide dog raising, senior thesis, etc., etc., I find myself stressing oveTelfer_Blog1r whether or not I’ve used all these days to the best of my ability. Did I take advantage of every opportunity?

To all of you incoming professional students, don’t give yourself room to question. Go to that Wednesday night meeting even though you had two test today and another tomorrow. Go to that networking event even though you’ll overanalyze every single thing you said in that one hour for the next two weeks of your life. Apply for that internship you aren’t 100% qualified for (you’re awesome, you got this). Try out for conclave (I promise you’re good at something). Study vert for one more hour (when you don’t mix up a mule deer antler with a white-tailed deer antler, you’ll thank me). Go to that conference. Try something you have never done before. Go on that crazy amazing field trip that sounds way too good to be true (I’m talking about you, Sapelo). Do all of this and not only will you have fewer regrets, you will walk away with things you didn’t expect. Great friends, better grades, more experiences and confidence, and a small part of your brain that now houses the scientific names for hundreds of species you’ll want to share with the world.

Telfer_Blog2[1]Despite my worry over whether or not the hours of my days were spent well, I know for a fact they were spent in the right place. I am thankful for the opportunities Warnell has provided, the internships I was honored to receive, the scholarships I was awarded, and the friends I gained along the way. The only reason I have room to wonder if I did enough is because Warnell has so much to offer, and so many things to fill the days with.

How will you spend your 628 days?


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