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Natural Resources as a Lifestyle-Jessica Reynolds

JRAs a student in the Warnell School of Forestry School and Natural Resources, it is easy to become a bit biased in thinking our field is the best. However, it really is. How many people do you know that want to go to their cubicle on the weekend for fun? I don’t know about a cubicle, but my work place is fun, and even in my free time I manage to find a way back outside. I think pretty much all of the students in Warnell would say they do the same. It can be hard some weeks, though, with tests as we all get caught up inside studying nonstop. With finals right around the corner, here’s a list of ways I have taken time to work/have fun at the same time and you can too:

1.Camping & Hiking -Right here close to Athens, Georgia offers so many hiking and camping spots such as Panther Creek Falls, Tallulah Gorge State Park, and even spots on the Appalachian Trail like Blood Mountain (10/10 would recommend). Just ask some people in your classes if they want to do a weekend trip and study outside. I’m sure if they are in Warnell, they will say yes. If not come find one of these cool people pictured here. There’s nothing like learning the bird calls in Vert while listening to the real things.

2.Rock Climbing- I actually just started this, and I am pretty bad, BUT it is so incredibly fun! Go with someone who knows what they are doing. It is so extremely exhausting that there is plenty of time to take breaks and study for that test you have coming up. There are great spots at Mount Yonah, which is super close to us! And if you are taking Soils, I can’t imagine a greater way to get up close and personal with granite and gneiss.

3.Herping- If you ask anyone in Warnell, I think they would agree that this has become one of everyone’s favorite hobbies. Sandy Creek Nature Park has some great spots to check out some little slimy critters like this one. Plus, who doesn’t want some extra credit in Herpetology!

4.Volunteering-You can volunteer in your free time at so many different places in Athens, but I definitely recommend checking out Bear Hollow Zoo and Sandy Creek Nature Center! JR6I have volunteered at both of these places, and I know a couple people in Warnell who have or still currently volunteer here. In addition to it being fun, getting to be with animals, and being outside, you get great volunteer experience to put on your resume. Plus, you can meet great people at these places that would die to go on outdoor study adventures with you!


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