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Hospitality and Tourism-Emily P. Ayscue


Nature of Outreach: Presenting to 3rd graders about careers in tourism and hospitality

 Where: Atha Road Elementary School in Monroe, GA

The state of Georgia requires in their state curriculum for an educational unit on hospitality and tourism. To adhere to these requirements, Atha Road Elementary School hosts a hospitality and tourism career day. I presented to 6 different classrooms for 20 minutes each.

In each classroom, here was the setup of the lesson:

  1. A short presentation about what a passport is and then my passport was handed around the class.
  2. While the passport was passed around, I showed pictures from my travels to Australia and New Zealand this past summer.
  3. “Hospitality” and “Tourism” were written on the board and the students helped me define the two words.
  4. Four categories of jobs were written on the board including: “Events”, “Hotels”, “Restaurants”, and “Travel Services” while the students were put into four groups with a piece of paper each.
  5. Students were given 2 minutes to brainstorm about jobs they might have in tourism.
  6. A spokesperson from each group presented the jobs they came up with.


Speaking with these young students was an amazing experience. The students were so intelligent and very well-behaved. Overall, I must say that I probably benefited from this opportunity more than the students. Talking with a younger audience challenges you to condense your message into something that represents only the most important aspects and also requires you to make the delivery fun and interesting. Another refreshing aspect of such a young audience is their continuous efforts to relate to what you are talking about. For instance, if I am showing pictures of spiders, they are talking to me about a spider they saw in their bedroom. The point is not that they seemed to be off topic, rather I wish that more people would be that engaged with your message. This greatly altered my goal in presenting research and teaching which is to craft my delivery in a way that could create interest and excitement that is at least somewhat like that felt in the classrooms.

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