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“Hello from Hilo”- Laura Banister

To satisfy the field course requirement as a Natural Resource Recreation and Tourism major, I decided to go on the Discover Abroad Hawaii Spring Break trip this year. I used to always think of Hawaii as beautiful sandy beaches and piña coladas. However, our homes for the week in Hilo and Kona were much different. […]

Comfortable with the Uncomfortable- Jarrett Craven

Public land, while may not be abundant in my home state of Georgia, is plentiful in the western parts of the United States. I have never had a chance to travel west of the Mississippi to see these lands until the summer of 2016. That summer, I had first position within the U.S. Forest Service […]

Finding My Niche- Lora Haas

When I toured the University of Georgia for the first time, tour guides emphasized the fact that the school provides its students countless opportunities to find their “niche” and develop life-long friendships. This is in spite of the fact that UGA boasts an impressive number of students – 35,000 to be exact! They said that […]

Why it’s important to be a Warnell Dawg- Caleb Minter

There are many reasons why it is important to be a Warnell Dawg, but I would like to focus on one that I have benefited from the most. I am referring to the imparted and expected ambiance of professionalism. I have never been apart of a program that puts so much emphasis on operating professionally […]