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Summer with the Jaguar Project- Alexandria Hiott

I have always been working interested in working in the field.  I grew up watching Eliza Thornberry and Jeff Corwin, wanting to be somewhere between the two; living in the bush and helping wild animals like Eliza (talking to animals would also be pretty cool) and the education and knowledge of Jeff Corwin.  I was […]

“Reflecting on the Past”- by Camille Bennett

The time has come for me to more officially begin laying out the future: spring semester of senior year. While I always planned on graduating college, I cannot say I contemplated how it would feel as graduation crept closer or realized how bitter sweet the anticipation would be. For job applications, scholarship essays and more, […]

“Lessons From My Six Year Old Self”- by Lauren Head

I was blessed to have discovered my passion for wildlife conservation at a very young age. Not many six year old girls choose to have a Steve the Crocodile Hunter themed birthday party fully outfitted with a crocodile cake and an Animal Planet marathon, but I had the enthusiasm and curiosity about the world that […]