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Burning in the Coastal Plain- Briana Hutcherson

One of my favorite and most engaging classes at Warnell only lasted a week. This past spring break I took the Prescribed Fire in the Forest Ecosystem course at the Jones center also known as Ichauway. Through this course I learned about the ecology of the coastal plain, the importance of the longleaf pine ecosystem […]

A Sneak Peak into Warnell’s Forestry Field Camp- by Hudson Jordan

In Warnell’s Forestry program, each student must attend what is called our “Forestry Field Camp” the summer after joining the professional program. Field Camp is essentially a 3 week boot camp for aspiring foresters. Each week focuses on a different component of forestry: operations, mensuration, and silviculture. In my experience, I have found that it […]

Not your Average Spring Break- by Andrew Rhonemus

Many college students tend to want to spend their spring breaks going to the beach and partying or at the very minimum going home to visit family and not think about school work for a few days. Last year though I broke the norm by spending my spring break in a college class. Not any […]