Perspective in hindsight – David Subers

My time in Warnell has been an extremely enriching experience and has helped me to grow immensely, both personally and professionally. My only problem is that I have not had enough time to soak it all up. Looking back at my entire undergraduate career, there was so much time that I wasted not being a […]

Natural Resource Conferences – Kiara Bailey

Hey guys! My name is Kiara Bailey, and I’m a junior working on getting my bachelors in Wildlife and a minor in Ecology. I don’t know about you guys but to me, college seems to be speeding by, and I only have ideas about what I want to do once I graduate! It’s absolutely terrifying […]

Meeting Your Future Employer — Crew Mayne

I am writing this post sitting in the lobby of the Omni William Penn hotel in Pittsburg after attending a Student and Professionals mixer as part of The Wildlife Society’s annual national conference. It may seem a bit out of place that I am sitting here typing away while it appears I should be schmoozing, […]

Women Dish on Life After Graduation

Women Dish on Life After Graduation

Let me set the stage for you: 6 women, all graduates from Warnell, a room full of faculty and students, and an inspirational and enlightening discussion about what it means to be a woman in natural resources. Last week, Warnell hosted a discussion panel called Women of Warnell. To be quite honest, I had little […]

April 4th-5th: Warnell Open House!

Ever wondered what a Warnellian does during the day? Come find out! We have classes, tours, games, and celebrations for all to enjoy. Warnell weekend is just 3 weeks away! RSVP > HERE!

Hog Heaven – Alex Butler

How many college students are awake at 5:00 in the morning on a Spring Saturday morning? Further than that, how many of those students choose to be awake that early? I was one of the few who were up preparing for the Wildlife Supper in 2012. I got to Whitehall (Warnell’s 740 acre teaching forest) […]

First Fall Camp Out

Last month Warnell hosted it’s very first, as in never done before, CAMP OUT!  The camp out was held in our teaching forest, Whitehall Forest, just 10 minutes away from our main building on campus. Why camp in Whitehall, you ask?  Let me tell you!  Whitehall is only open M-F and for special events; this […]