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“I bless the rains down in Africa” – Elizabeth Fincher

“I bless the rains down in Africa” – Elizabeth Fincher

My name is Elizabeth Fincher and I am a senior Wildlife Sciences major, graduating in December (aka a little over 3 months away). While I have had many adventures and met wonderful people during the past two years in Warnell, the experience I will remember the most is this past summer when I went to […]

Many Thanks Warnell – Brittany Nesbitt

Hello fellow Warnellians and curious bloggers! My name is Brittany Nesbitt and I am a senior here at Warnell majoring in Wildlife Science. I made the big decision to transfer into UGA just a little over two and a half years ago. It has been the most amazing life journey and by far the best […]

Exploring Warnell – Annie Vizurraga

If you’re a Warnellian, you’ll always have tons of opportunities to discover new things. One of the best opportunities Warnell has given me was the option to study abroad in Costa Rica a few summers ago. I went into the trip not knowing anyone in my group and was at first a little apprehensive about […]

Adventure at Warnell – Jennifer McDaniel

I was never the kind of person that would be classified as a risk-taker.  Let’s just say jumping off a ledge 400 meters high probably wasn’t something I would enjoy. Swimming within twenty feet of a shark, albeit a harmless one, wouldn’t have made onto my bucket list. As a freshman, I planned on taking […]

Warnell Core in Costa Rica Study Abroad Program

The deadline is fast approaching to apply for the Warnell Core in Costa Rica Study Abroad Program. Click here to and here learn more.