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Give Me a Parasite — Kayla Buck

A bunch of hippies and rednecks. This was my impression of Warnell as I walked through building 4 to my freshman odyssey class. As an animal science major pretending to be pre-vet I had no intention of finding myself in this school for more than simply a wildlife parasite class. I was interested in parasites […]

The Road to Warnell – Brianna Brown

Hey guys! I’m a senior Natural Resource, Recreation, and Tourism major here at Warnell. And if you’re like anyone I’ve met in the last couple of years, you’re probably wondering what I want to do with this major. Good question! Moving on. If I had to describe myself in four words, they’d be: “open-minded, but […]

Exploring Warnell – Annie Vizurraga

If you’re a Warnellian, you’ll always have tons of opportunities to discover new things. One of the best opportunities Warnell has given me was the option to study abroad in Costa Rica a few summers ago. I went into the trip not knowing anyone in my group and was at first a little apprehensive about […]

Making Lifelong Memories – Tyler Lock

So there’s this place called Whitehall where Warnellians make memories. Some of my fondest memories there are labs with classmates, conclave practices with the forestry club, and all the club cookouts at Flinchums Phoenix. But the one that will last a life time is the time I proposed to my girlfriend by the Oconee River. […]