Hope in a Hopeless Place- by Sarah Yeakle

To many, Baskin’s Creek is just a barren hilltop on the Rainbow Falls trail, but for me it is precisely the opposite. It’s been almost two years since the fires that swept the Great Smoky Mountains area, but the burn scars are still etched onto the table mountain pines. Serotinous cones lay everywhere, unable to […]

Summer with the Jaguar Project- Alexandria Hiott

I have always been working interested in working in the field.  I grew up watching Eliza Thornberry and Jeff Corwin, wanting to be somewhere between the two; living in the bush and helping wild animals like Eliza (talking to animals would also be pretty cool) and the education and knowledge of Jeff Corwin.  I was […]

“Reflecting on the Past”- by Camille Bennett

The time has come for me to more officially begin laying out the future: spring semester of senior year. While I always planned on graduating college, I cannot say I contemplated how it would feel as graduation crept closer or realized how bitter sweet the anticipation would be. For job applications, scholarship essays and more, […]

“Lessons From My Six Year Old Self”- by Lauren Head

I was blessed to have discovered my passion for wildlife conservation at a very young age. Not many six year old girls choose to have a Steve the Crocodile Hunter themed birthday party fully outfitted with a crocodile cake and an Animal Planet marathon, but I had the enthusiasm and curiosity about the world that […]

“Just Go!”- by Matthew Portwood

In July of 2016, I traveled out of the country for the first time in my life. I was nervous to leave and see things that were new to me. At the time I had only dreamed about opportunities to see other places and visit with people that lived differently. Traveling internationally wasn’t something my […]

“The Outside is in Us All!”- by Dan Queen

People naturally seem to be drawn to the outdoors. Now, I do realize not everyone wants to hike the Appalachian Trail or summit Half Dome, but the majority of people enjoy seeing a pretty bird on their walk to class or sitting on a park bench for fresh air. This small foundation, that is in […]

“A Week In Utah!”- by Madeleine Curlew

  This May I found myself with a little extra time on my hands before my summer internship in Colorado started. Finals ended and I got in the car and headed west. After weeks of using it as a tool to procrastinate, the details of our five-day road trip through Utah were planned down to […]