“Hello from Hilo”- Laura Banister

To satisfy the field course requirement as a Natural Resource Recreation and Tourism major, I decided to go on the Discover Abroad Hawaii Spring Break trip this year. I used to always think of Hawaii as beautiful sandy beaches and piña coladas. However, our homes for the week in Hilo and Kona were much different. […]

Comfortable with the Uncomfortable- Jarrett Craven

Public land, while may not be abundant in my home state of Georgia, is plentiful in the western parts of the United States. I have never had a chance to travel west of the Mississippi to see these lands until the summer of 2016. That summer, I had first position within the U.S. Forest Service […]

Finding My Niche- Lora Haas

When I toured the University of Georgia for the first time, tour guides emphasized the fact that the school provides its students countless opportunities to find their “niche” and develop life-long friendships. This is in spite of the fact that UGA boasts an impressive number of students – 35,000 to be exact! They said that […]

Why it’s important to be a Warnell Dawg- Caleb Minter

There are many reasons why it is important to be a Warnell Dawg, but I would like to focus on one that I have benefited from the most. I am referring to the imparted and expected ambiance of professionalism. I have never been apart of a program that puts so much emphasis on operating professionally […]

Only in Warnell- Colleen Piper

Walking around UGA’s campus you’re sure to overhear numerous conversations from students complaining about their boring classes, mean professors, and having classes without any friends. When you start to walk towards Warnell, however, the conversations tend to change quite drastically. You’ll hear students excitedly sharing the amazing things they saw in the woods during lab, […]

“An Adventure I’ll Never Forget”- Mackenzie Pryor

​      Throughout my time in Warnell, I have had countless unforgettable experiences. From field trips, to friendships, I could not be happier with my time here, but if I had to choose my favorite memory, it would be my study abroad trip to Australia and New Zealand. ​For as long as I can remember, […]

Embrace Your Opportunities to See the World- Jessica Wilson

As I began searching for colleges as a junior in high school, my teachers and family members always encouraged me to find a school that would allow me ample opportunity to study abroad- my mom had gone to Europe in college, my dad to Japan, and my favorite and most influential high school teacher spent […]